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Inspired and determined to unveil a groundbreaking musical vision combining dark electronic soundscapes with organic pop sensibility, SUPPLICANT is a cutting edge tour de force, breathing new life into the modern music genre. Formed by the duo Mick Harward and Brandon Fugal, SUPPLICANT was conceived as an antidote to the stark musical landscape that has long been devoid of passion and emotion. Bringing true vocal purity, depth and lyrical genius to Brandon Fugal’s lush compositions, Mick Harward is the primary face of SUPPLICANT. Delivering compelling honesty and deep expression within an elaborate musical tapestry, Mick’s is a lone angelic voice in a musical wilderness.

Harward and Fugal commenced their association while still teenagers, playing numerous converts and writing music, with their first official effort being a collective known as Liberation. That effort disbanded, with them pursuing other interests. In 2006, after a lengthy absence, a fortuitous meeting led to their reunion and subsequent launch of SUPPLICANT. Soon after, a partnership was forged with award winning legendary music producer and electroclash pioneer, Finn Bjarnson. Ranging from subtle and dark religious undertones to shimmering dance club decadence, SUPPLICANT’s debut album offers a surprisingly diverse range of sound and emotion.

Welcome to the pomp of pageantry……….

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