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StarPointe is a record label, founded with the artist in mind. The label business has changed and at StarPointe we are In Touch With Music The Way It Is Today.

The label was founded and distributed by Pat Melfi, Ken Kragen, Collin Raye and Pat Brunetti and Brandyn Cross. The label plans to change the music industry’s business model by keeping focus on the needs and ways of the record business of today. StarPointe encompasses the activity of many music-related businesses and organizations. The name “StarPointe” was selected to represent the focus on the artists’ we represent. “The artists will own what they create and get paid from the very first scanned sale. In turn, the label has an invested interest in other aspects of the artist’s career.”Brandy

As a label for the musician/artist and an enthusiast for any potentially new avenue of artistic expression and dissemination, at StarPointe our ears perk whenever we hear of something that offers a fresh insight into some aspect of digital culture and new avenues to sell music. When we gave thought to the ways of music today we realized that, though many have a personal love for their iPod and the download there was need to support the artist. Thus we gave a lot of thought about the history of the cultural impact of that device on artists today. In our artistic development, we’ve attempted to exploit all that the internet offers a budding or seasoned musician ? music blogs, myspace, mp3 file-sharing networks ?we thought much about the effect of the actual device that most people use to transport the files that they try so aggressively to spread around cyberspace. We are here to help each and every Artist we represent to find some method to Keep In Touch with Music The Way It Is Today…

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