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The septet, who named themselves after their hometown of Champaign, Illinois, included Pauli Carman and Rena Jones (later Day) on vocals; Michael Day and Dana Walden on keyboards; Leon Reeder on guitar; Michael Reed on bass; and Rocky Maffit on percussion/drums. The title track from their 1981 debut album, “How ‘Bout Us,” was a hit single, reaching #5 in the UK Singles Chart,[1] #4 on the US Billboard R&B chart, and #12 on the Hot 100. Reed had left the group by the release of their second album, Modern Heart, which appeared in 1983 and contained the #2 R&B hit “Try Again” (#23 on the Hot 100). Another follow-up, 1984’s Woman in Flames, included the Top 10 R&B song “Off and On Love”. Other songs include “Party People” and “Walkin'”.

Carman released his first solo album, Dial My Number in 1986, scoring an R&B hit with the title track. His second album, It’s Time was released the following year.

Rena Jones and Michael Day would eventually marry.[2]

In 1990, Champaign (including Carman) reconvened to record, and the Champaign IV album was released the following year. In addition to Carman, the album featured contributions/production from Rena and Michael Day, Dana Walden, and Rocky Maffit.[2] Although the album was not widely successful, it did herald a brief return to the US R&B chart with the single, “Trials of the Heart

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